Monday, July 5, 2010

Caramel macchiato

As I pulled this beautiful creation out of the freezer, I smiled. It is by far, the prettiest thing I have ever made. I grabbed my fork, took a nice big bite and blah, Some how I forgot how much I dislike Cashews and was not one bit fond of this pie. I used a new syrup called Yacon syrup instead of the usual Agave to give it more of a caramel taste and that may be what I didn't like as well. It is just not my fav. nor was it what I was expecting. Eli, on the other hand, loved it and said it was the best pie/cake I have ever made. So I sought out more opinions. Aside from one more dislike of the pie/cake, I had all thumbs up and requests to start selling this as well. All the voices in my head came to a vote to change it anyhow :o)Sorry Loves but I just can't serve something My taste buds cringe at. I will keep it just as pretty as before however I have some ideas to keep its yummines while making it more enjoyable for ALL. hee hee In due time you will see this again.....
Today was my first work day for another person in over 3 years. I picked up a few hrs at Grilla Bites (Such a fun group)so when you come have your delicious lunch or Pie you will see my Lovely face as well!
I will end on this note: My wonderful Friend Corrina has an awesome Quote I may even have it printed on t-shirts haha
".'Sky's Pie' didn't know you had a missing piece until now..."

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gone For Far Too Long

I'm back! I've gotten one number older, but that is all. I will stay young forever! I started "Sky's Sweet Treats" on the 29th of April! YAY We now Have 4 Pies selling strong outa' GrillaBites! mmmmmm The new Chocolate is a FAV!!!!

I am going to make a mint one as well! YUM! I am praying that the Raw cheesecake currently in the freezer taste yum! Its the first one I have made and that usually means I have 3 more to make haha!
I'm on day Like 12 of a cleanse,Raw Living food and juice! My friend Coleen and I make extra Raw food for the day and switch which has made it much easier to keep my body happy and full of different foods ;o) I had a few days of Detox but that passed fast and I now feel pretty Fantastical! I will start playing with new recipes that are not yet posted on here and then share them so you can try too ;o)
Well I finished My First Semester with an A!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! It went by so fast! Ah I Am So Excited Summer is here! Lake + Watermelon = happy place