Friday, July 2, 2010

Gone For Far Too Long

I'm back! I've gotten one number older, but that is all. I will stay young forever! I started "Sky's Sweet Treats" on the 29th of April! YAY We now Have 4 Pies selling strong outa' GrillaBites! mmmmmm The new Chocolate is a FAV!!!!

I am going to make a mint one as well! YUM! I am praying that the Raw cheesecake currently in the freezer taste yum! Its the first one I have made and that usually means I have 3 more to make haha!
I'm on day Like 12 of a cleanse,Raw Living food and juice! My friend Coleen and I make extra Raw food for the day and switch which has made it much easier to keep my body happy and full of different foods ;o) I had a few days of Detox but that passed fast and I now feel pretty Fantastical! I will start playing with new recipes that are not yet posted on here and then share them so you can try too ;o)
Well I finished My First Semester with an A!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! It went by so fast! Ah I Am So Excited Summer is here! Lake + Watermelon = happy place

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