Monday, October 11, 2010

Keeping up with the Leedy's

Where do I begin...
Yes Eli and I are Both in college this semester full time baby....I have narrowed my vision down to about 5 options of what all I want to do with my education. One, is now to be a registered Dietitian ;o)
As I type Eli is cheering as he got another 100% on an English paper. We are very competitive and it makes it all the more fun going to school together.
Eli's Online marketing Biz is doing well and were so blessed to see Gods hand on it all. 'Sky's pies' are moving fast through Grilla Bites downtown and with the release of the new 'Raw Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake' (I may pull the strawberry). It is such a yummy Raw desert and some people have told me they prefer the flavor over traditional Pumpkin pie.

Some of you may have already seen and met Kira. We have added a new addition to the family. Some quick history, Kira's mom Kim was our foster daughter back in the day. We have been a part of Kiras life for the past 4 years. Holidays and Birthdays of course. Very young grandparents so to say. As of Thursday Oct 7th we received the Judge stamped Legal Guardianship papers.

I am still working a few days down At Grilla Bites as a Barista/juice girl hehe And Love it, Its as if I rest while I am working. I am not a mom, nor student for a few hrs and it is bliss. Yes Eli still works 82 hrs a week and I have no idea how he does it all and still manage to race home 4 days out of the week to make an elegant dinner for the family! Some of his most recent dishes include Garlic,Parmesian crusted snapper and A Rosemary, lime and pear turkey. Yep My Hubbys a Keeper!
We are currently planning our 10th yr anniversary party/ceremony etc for may 2011. So far we have the place reserved in Weaverville, the reception, and the pastor to renew our vows. Save the dates will go out in January so Please send me your Address if I don't have it already ;o) Its gonna be a party!
Ok I am off to do more homework but before I go I will be taking pre orders for sampler Pies as well as the New cheesecake for THANKSGIVING!!!! Just call my cell and tell me When ya need it by (530) 515-3781
Blessings and Love you all!


  1. And I will be your photographer! lol

  2. I just found your blog! LOVE all. We are now looking into Foster Care, have 5 birth children, and are moving toward whole organic foods. Very excited to follow you! thanks!