Sunday, February 14, 2010


Tonight as I recapped what I had eaten during the day I realized I had forgot to drink enough water. I did have a glass in the morning, one before lunch and one late this afternoon while moving furniture around, but that was all. Not good Sky! NOT GOOD! Plus I drank a huge coffee with my lovely friend Carly today, which I should have followed with 2 glasses of water, as coffee dehydrates me. I find it hard to remember to drink water when it is freezing outside and on days I'm not running around. However, if I did not catch this like many other days, I would wake up feeling groggy, probably a bit of back pain would follow and I would be moody! It's not just what one eats, but how much water one drinks that will totally change how they feel. I read a book once, but I should re-read it as I have forgotten most of it now, called "Your not sick your thirsty". It was filled with clinically proven pain and disorders caused by lack of efficient water! Someone completely recovered from chronic back pain by drinking an extra glass of water before bed and one upon waking.
Now while the quality of water we drink is such a huge part of this healthy choice, tap water is better than nothing. I choose to get purified water delivered to my home and enjoy ph balanced water (and oxygen rich) as often as possible. My goal in choosing to eat raw, healthy foods as often as possible and steering away from dead, acid forming foods also contributes to a healthy ph balanced body!

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