Sunday, March 28, 2010

What did you say was in it?

To continue where I left off last night, Irish Moss...
This Stuff is AMAZING!!! Look at the Wonderful pies I made using it as a thickening agent, plus it holds up in the fridge and is way fun to play with!

Some of what I have read about this almost super food seams too good to be true, but I shall pass it on non the less: What is it? Well its seaweed! yep good ol' algae.
Rich in vitamins and minerals such as iodine,beta-carotene,iron,calcium,manganese, magnesium,bromine,phosphorus,potassium,selenium,zinc,Vitamin's A,B, C and D. WOWIE!!!!
Irish moss helps relieve dry coughs and is soothing to and may help respiratory problems. Because of its high concentration of iodine it is very help full for poor thyroid function and iodine deficiency(goiter,fatigue,slow heart rate,poor skin condition etc) helps in cholesterol build up,enhances skins elasticity, and vibrancy. ( Plus is a good shaving cream, hee hee I tried this morning, legs SUPER SOFT) eases pain of chapped lips,eczema, rashes or sun burn. that all? I'm sure it has a bunch of other amazing benefits but that is all for today! Feel free to Google it and share what more you find out...This stuff is FUN!


  1. The pies look incredible! Way to go with your adventure!

  2. So the green stuff in the pie is moss!! That's crazy!!! I need lots of iodine right now

  3. Sky-

    Irish Moss is also an ingedient that brewers in Belgium, England, Scotland & Ireland use while brewing beer. Go on, eh?

    A votre' sante!