Monday, August 29, 2011

60 Days Raw

YAY! I'm on day 14 of This wonderful adventure I am sharing with friends. My skin started clearing up again, my eyes are getting whiter and my senses feel new or as if they have increased, for example, just walking by fresh peaches at the farmers market makes my mouth water like its the first time I've ever smelled a ripe juicy peach. I find myself so thankful these days. When its warm I get excited, when it was overcast I got excited. When I poured a glass of water tonight I giggled. yep This feels good! I was asked the other day "do your kids eat Raw too?" well of course they do, just not exclusively :) Tonight we made our whole counter into a 'Salad Bar' and we went through and served ourselves up. I love watching my kids pile rich greens with colorful bell peppers, olives, onions,cucumbers,radishes, sprouts,carrots,mushrooms, seeds and nuts.
I recently started a Facebook page (Sky's raw foods) to aid in getting pics up more often and recipes . Keep bugging me for the ones you really want I Love to share :) I Just had Italian again the other day with the Jicima garlic was just fantastic.

My new Kitchen Is Wonderful and I love the owner she is a doll and makes an amazing cup of coffee!!!! Speaking of Coffee... My 99% Raw New pie has a shot of organic coffee in the chocolaty part ... and it is my new favorite now, haha Every time I make a new pie its my fav. I will try to update you more often on my Raw journey (minus the night dad took us out to dinner Gotta have grace in all areas and just live joyfully)

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