Saturday, September 10, 2011

First really Raw Cocoa

The other day I was eating a cocoa bean and remembering how much softer they are "really" raw ...In Hawaii we had the privilege of enjoying a Cocoa Tree in one of our places of stay. SOOO... I wanted to share my new experience .... They look like foot balls when they are ripe

Then when you cut them open they have a pretty flower outline (my opinion hehe)

Here is what I did not expect.

When you cut open the pod the beans are hidden in slimy white egg like shells. Its such a cool feeling, you peel then out rinse them off and enjoy, So delicious!!!

Ok Ok cant just end it there, I will confess. I did chase Eli with a hand full of them around our Jungle cottage screaming "The Alians have Left me their babies will you help father them?"...Haha Never a dull moment right?

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