Tuesday, October 4, 2011

60 days turned 30

I was on a mission...60 days Raw...That's it, Raw, Vegan, Vegi's and fruits some nuts.....Then day 21 hit...and the grace for this adventure was gone...I pushed through another 9 days only because my beautiful friend Coleen would call me up and say she had some decadent masterpiece called "food" waiting for me to pick up at her house and it was completely Raw. This sweetness would pull me through another day. Its strange, I really thought this would be so simple. Why not? First of all, I already consume almost 90% Raw, 2-3 times a week I do a little fish, organic meat and some grains. And for goodness sake,the 60 days was easy last time around. What was so different this time? Then it hit me, one Friday morning when I met with Mr. Xavier, An amazing personal trainer if you need one who will kick your butt(this part is rated pg so pause if reading aloud lol) He was increasing the weights on my machine when my muscles cramped up and I went to the bathroom to throw up (I know, "sick" and TMI... sorry). I went home and cooked a chicken breast even though it was 9 am. Ha ha..Day 31 100% Raw done....Oh ! I wasn't working out or lifting weights last RAW ADVENTURE. hee hee I felt fantastic at school that day. So that's it. Grace. That is Grace. Listening to your body, making good choices. Everyday! Every choice! Every action.
On another note... I have been feeling this shift...(I Love that saying "Shift Happens") And it feels so SO good. I feel like a little girl ready for a surprise everyday. I skipped to my kitchen the other day even though everyone on Dana Dr. probably thought I was crazy..... I don't get another chance to live today. So I want it to be the best today ever, ever. That's it. I want my kids to know Every night how much I love them. Tonight, I held them like I did when they were babies, I had to sit down because they are quite larger than before. I kissed their heads and rocked them until tickle time. I love those moments. Also I've thrown away with the "poor me" " I'm not good enough" Crap. Pfffhhhhsssshhhhh Nuff of that waste of time. I want to be the best me there is, heck yes, but until I get there I'm gonna be happy where I am. In all areas of my life. I want to leave this blog/ sky rambling with saying, Today's not over. Do something extravagant before bed, talk to God about what tomorrow is gonna look like and wake up refreshed even if you only get 4 hrs of sleep..... And share with me how your doing? I want to hear...I have been loving when people tell me their good news/dreams/visions/ days. Or just smiling.

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