Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Been way too long...

I can't remember the last time I blogged. I have some catching up to do! I just figured out tonight how to look at all my comments, a lot of which I had not yet seen nor replied to, sorry! Jessie, I replied to your questions under the recipe you placed it. From now on I will try to reply to your questions in my blogging. With that said, @ Charity...My Fav Raw book so far is still "Raw Food Real World". As far as how much did our food bill raise when purchasing Nuts and such? I would say not as much as one may think. When we replaced Meat, Milk, And cheese ( all very costly ) the bill stayed close to the same. It did however raise a touch when we switched to all ( or mostly) Organic. Hope that answers your questions.
AHHHH ALMOND BUTTER One of my favorite snacks with apples and celery. My girls like to stick raisins in their Almond butter logs, which can get quite messy and sticky, but it is cute none the less and healthy so I'm not complaining ;o)
After it is made e place the butter in a sealed glass jar and it will keep for quite a while in the fridge. I have never tested how long it will last as it is eaten too quickly here in the Leedy home.

Almond butter:
2 cups almonds( I soak and dry mine first) ground in the food processor
6 T Safflower oil
4 T agave
a pinch of sea salt
Mix together in a bowl and Enjoy!

Sometimes I add cocoa powder or cinnamon just to switch things up! YUM!

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  1. when you dry them, does that mean dehydrate, or just dry with a towel?