Sunday, March 28, 2010

fun new adventure

A while back I bough a few new Raw Desert recipe books. I HEART NEW RAW BOOKS!!!! As I sat at the kitchen table drooling over pages and pages of yummy options, I found it hard to pick any one of them as they all contained this foreign ingredient "Irish moss." I thought to myself "what the heck is Irish moss?" I found it is used as a gelling agent in a lot of foods as well as in Raw un-cooking. I decided what the heck lets get some. After placing my order for 3 lbs, 2x's cuz I thought it didn't go through the first time, I realized one pie recipe calls for only one ounce...did I mention its $11.25 for just 2 oz on not so lucky priced haha! Anyway let me share in my fun it took weeks to get here. I tracked it making sure it wasn't lost. It was first shipped from Scotland, to New York, to Sacramento before finally arriving here in Redding. When I opened the box I laughed literally out loud. I should have taken a picture right then as there was no markings, no labels, nadda!! Just a bunch of weird looking sandy plants in gallon sized bags. One of these picks will kinda' show.

We dove right in shaking it out. The stuff was packed in tight and smelled like dead fish. YUM for some reason it was exciting! We shook off the real sea salt, pulled out the leftover pieces of netting and rinsed some off so we could start playing with it ASAP! Good news: As soon as it is rinsed the fishey smell goes away and it looks so cool.
Oops, I forgot to mention, just recently at the health conference ( I had the honor of teaching a Raw class. Thank you all for your support) Rhonda Nelson taught on the many wonderful health benefits of sea salt..So what better than fresh, dried right out of the ocean eh? Yep we did it, we sifted all the debris out of it and tasted it, WOW! It is the best salt I have tasted on the planet! I usually buy Celtic sea salt and as you can see from the pic on the left it is grayish white and the other is almost multicolored. It had about 3 levels of flavor is how I would describe it ...

Anyway, we let it soak for 2 days before blending it with purified water just over the top of it, as you can see...

It did take a couple of times even in my wonderful vita Mix to become smooth but it worked, and it almost doubled! very gelatin like! This is the final product soon to be added to pies \
I tasted it straight out of the blender and to my suprise it has NO flavor! STRANGE!

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