Thursday, January 7, 2010

Puddin' day and night

So... This morning I woke up Craving a coconut again! So Thankful I had already made extra Raw chocolate pudding, full electrolytes and antioxidants. Did you know coconut water is the highest form of electrolytes know to man....That's better than any High fructose corn syrup drink on the market (don't be fooled friends that is NOT a natural ingredient) and it takes 9 months for that perfect rain drop to filter all the way up that tall tree in through all that husk and then perfectly protected in the nut. Thats some purified drinking water let me tell ya! I remember my very first coconut to this day. One Hot day in Fiji, a friend of mine with her huge machete (normal for fijians to just carry these on them for the sugar cane of course) sliced the top of a coconut off and handed it to me to enjoy, it was so sweet and to my surprise cold! Yep it was its own lil refreshing! So today I share one of this lifes simple yet yummy and healthy treats, Chocolate pudding:

Raw Chocolate pudding

3 cups coconut meat (if you live in Redding the Asian Mkt on 273 has the best price @ $1.59 a piece
3/4 cup fresh coconut water
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup agave nectar
3/4 cup cocoa powder
2 T vanilla
pinch of sea salt
2 T coconut oil

blend all ingriedients well until smooth, I heart my Vita mix but if you don't watch it it may just heat up on ya so be careful!
let that sit in the fridge just an hr and then enjoy! You don't have to put the oil in if you don't have it on hand and its still yummy! Oh my fav is with berries or a banana!


Ps. I almost forgot...Almond Butter
Well I usually don't make my own , I pick it up Raw if I can get a good price on it, but off the top of my head I would usually take a cup of soaked and rinsed almonds, blend them really well in the food processor, I tried the blender first,this did not work! after its all chopped up nice I add a pinch of sea salt, 1 T coconut oil, a pinch of cinnamon and about 2 T agave....and blend well...if it doesn't taste perfect add more stuff ;o) like agave hehe you can dry the nuts first if you'd rather i just like mine more creamy and I like my water!
Love you friends Keep up the feedback and requests and I will try new fun stuff soon!


  1. Maybe a silly question but how do you tell when a coconut is good? I thought it was a no brainer but... I've never liked coconut but my little one was curious and I was willing to try so got one from the store. Finally got the expensive thing open and took a big drink of the juice only to find it fermented and quite possibly the nastiest thing I've ever tried. So how do you tell if one is good and how do you open it?

  2. Bethany,
    I always buy the young coconuts that are all white on the outside. I usually smell them and check the bottoms for bruising But I don't know if that's the correct way to shop for one. I have only gotten a bad one once and returned it to receive another free.
    As far as opening them,I use to have a electric drill on my counter and a hand saw, Not the safest or cleanest way to open a coconut. The way I found easy is to shave the top with a sharp knife and then just tap around the top in a circle, it comes off easy and then you can scrape the meat out with a spoon from the top. hope that helps you out.

  3. I made this yesterday after visiting the market you recommended (thanks for helping me find it!). That place is amazing! I'm going to see if I can order cases of coconut, too; there were only 2 left! And the pudding was AMAZING! I love the quantities your recipes yield. The other raw recipes I've tried never make enough for our fam. You're the best!!!

  4. Your story makes miss the islands